Kitchen 4.0

Cook&Chill Evolution

For the first time oven, blast chiller and hood integrated into one technology: this is the great Evolution offered by Sogeco. Thanks to a unique touch device where you can control and set all parameters, everything becomes easier: it improves the organisation of work, time and space management is optimised and the shelf-life of products is extended. Welcome to the 4.0 kitchen of the future.

Process automation.

In the new integrated Sogeco System you always have everything under control.

Coordinating the processes of cooking, sanitisation and blast chilling from a single control panel?

It is now possible with Cook&Chill Evolution that through a touch screen technology allows to achieve maximum synergy between oven, blast chiller and hood, optimizing the work and obtaining significant savings in the cooking process and in consumption.

Through the dedicated App you can control the parameters from any mobile device wherever you are, and in the same way, you will be able to modify and insert new recipes and to better organise the work in the kitchen.

Oven, blast chiller and hood simultaneously controlled from a single control point will allowed Chefs to concentrate all the resources on the excellence of the result.

Humidity control.

Constant control of the humidity inside the cooking chamber is an essential element to achieve the desired result.

The steam control system created by Sogeco, allows you to constantly monitor the conditions inside the cooking chamber, and to set parameters promptly to always maintain the correct hydration. An air aspiration system permit a quick extraction of the excess humidity.

Air speed control.

The circulation of the air flows inside the cooking chamber must be managed precisely always respecting delicate preparations.

Perfect distribution of the air inside the cooking chamber and the possibility to control its speed make the cooking process “kind” also for more delicate products while fully respecting their characteristics and quality.

Power LAB.
Controlling the power depending on the inserted load increases precision throughout the cooking process.

The fan power of b.Tek oven by Sogeco can be controlled with great accuracy, and up to 45% of full use can be reduced. In addition, through inverter adjustment the inversion times of the fans are reduced, decreasing the discontinuity of the air flows and increasing the speed of cooking and when needed, it is possible to activate the override function that pushes ventilation up to 120%.

With such an accurate power adjustment the ability to control the result increases and performance in the kitchen is enhanced.

Energy savings.

Cooking better and saving: Sogeco is synergy between saving and performance.

Through research and progress, we have developed solutions that guarantee maximum energy savings: such as use of the fan inverter which limits the motor power current, avoiding energy dispersions and overheating, or the automatic cleaning system that reduces water consumption and can operate without the need for monitoring during night hours with significant savings on the cost of electricity.

These and other technical solutions make the Sogeco system a technology that offers considerable savings for professional kitchens.

Washing and sterilisation system.

The smart washing and sterilisation blast chiller system: maximum sanitising with minimum water consumption.

Our static cleaning system ensures deep and complete cleaning and includes 4 functions: rinse, delicate cleaning, normal cleaning and
intense cleaning.
The static solution makes the system immune from dirt and debris that could affect the correct functioning while the open cycle reduces the
consumption of water and detergent.
In the system there is no circulation of dirty and polluted water and this reduces the risks of depositing of bacterial load in the cooking and blast chilling chambers.

Finally, the cleaning system works autonomously and this allows it to operate overnight.

Sogeco is Precise.