Terms of sale
The prices contained in the price list are in Euro and ex our warehouse in Cassola (VI). Standard packaging is included (unless otherwise specified). Prices are without VAT and DO NOT include installation, assembly and connection. Returns are ex works Cassola (VI). The inclusion of transport service costs in the invoice must be specified at the time of order. The delivery date is to be confirmed at the time of order. Discount and payment to be agreed on. For special voltage and power needs, naval or special installations, please contact our technical department.
Unless otherwise stated in writing at the time of order, gas operating models are tested using methane gas (G20). The manufacturer declines all responsibility regarding the transport of merchandise, even if travelling carriage free. Any disputes regarding transport must be noted on the transport document and notified to the courier responsible for the delivery. Requests for returns due to incorrect purchases will not be considered.
Twelve months warranty (excluding seals and gaskets, lamps, fuses, burner shields). Shipping costs for parts under warranty are always charged to the customer. All defective parts must be returned, with shipping paid by the customer, for verification within a maximum period of 3 months.
The manufacturer reserves the right to change product codes, models, descriptions and prices contained in the price list without  prior notice. This price list cancels and replaces all previous price lists. Any reproduction, in whole or in part, of texts, images, drawings and tables contained in this price list is forbidden.

Spare parts are typically considered available in stock or from sales agents.
Spare parts are always dispatched by cash on delivery or prepaid. Transport costs are charged to the recipient (even for parts under warranty).
SOGECO is a trademark of IK Interklimat S.p.A.

Terms of warranty
The warranty shall remain valid for 12 months from the purchase date shown in the invoice issued by IK Interklimat S.p.A. or, provided that IK Interklimat S.p.A. has received reliable communication, for 12 months from the date of installation.
For the entire period covered by the warranty, IK Interklimat S.p.A. undertakes to repair free of charge at its own premises or production unit or to make available free of charge to the Buyer at his own premises or production unit the parts that are found to be non-operational due to original material or processing defects.
Transport costs for equipment to be repaired and/or parts to be replaced from the premises of the Buyer or User to the IK Interklimat S.p.A. production unit shall be charged to the Buyer. The Buyer shall also bear the charges for shipping the repaired equipment and/or replacement parts from the IK Interklimat S.p.A. production unit to the premises of the Buyer or User.
The warranty does not cover:
Damage and/or faults caused during transportation of the goods;
Damage due to incorrect installation of the equipment or faults caused by an insufficient or inadequate electrical/gas system, or changes deriving from environmental and/or climate conditions that are not compatible with the correct operation of the equipment concerned;
Malfunctions caused by negligence, tampering, use, adjustments and ordinary maintenance that do not comply with the User manual, including repairs made by personnel that is not authorised by IK Interklimat S.p.A. Should the above events occur, the warranty shall become void, with immediate effect;
IK Interklimat S.p.A. undertakes to repair and/or replace defective equipment parts covered by the warranty in the shortest time possible. In no case will IK Interklimat S.p.A. be considered liable for any damage caused by the Buyer or User due to forced suspended use of the equipment.
The repair and/or replacement of parts under warranty shall not result in the extension or renewal of the warranty itself. The decision to repair free of charge or replace the equipment or its parts and/or sub-assemblies under warranty shall be made only by IK Interklimat S.p.A. It is also at the discretion of IK Interklimat S.p.A. to assess whether to repair the equipment under warranty at the User’s premises or to request its dispatch to its own production unit. Before proceeding with returning the equipment for repair and/or parts to be replaced under warranty, the Buyer is required to contact IK Interklimat S.p.A. and strictly follow the procedure that will be described. IK Interklimat S.p.A. shall not be responsible for loss of the equipment or parts to repair/replace sent to addresses or using methods not included in the dedicated procedure, available on request. The decision by IK Interklimat S.p.A. to proceed, in exceptional or particularly urgent cases, with the dispatch of replacement parts before receiving the defective parts in return - notwithstanding the normal procedure - cannot be considered a general cancellation of the procedure itself. In this case, failure to return the defective parts under warranty within a period of 30 days from dispatch of the functioning ones to IK Interklimat S.p.A. shall result in the issuing of an invoice for the parts concerned.
Any dispute will fall within the jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.