Mega Kitchens

The technologies used in Mega Kitchens must represent the ideal meeting point between performance and quality, must strictly observe the budget, avoid any waste and combine this with a final result that is inviting, tasty, healthy and made according to requirement.

In company canteens, schools and  hospitals and in all large kitchens that operate on an industrial scale, it is essential that the cooking processes can be controlled and modified remotely, including standard recipes that can be easily imported.

Today anyone that intends to raise quality standards and at the same time to have a more efficient kitchen can count on Cook&Chill Evolution by Sogeco with models that were specifically designed and produced for industrial and large kitchens.

Sogeco for Mega Kitchens

The Cook&Chill Evolution system, which for the first time integrates oven, blast chiller and hood, represents the ideal solution for the Mega Kitchens segment. The Sogeco system offers numerous advantages including:

- integrated oven, blast chiller and hood, all controlled from a single touch screen panel
- multi-level cooking
- oven and blast chiller integrated recipes
- optimisation of work times and of overall dimensions
- prolonging of the shelf-life of products
- an App dedicated to controlling of the system from any device
- constant control of humidity and air speed
- power control, including performance and energy savings
- smart cleaning system and sterilisation of the blast chiller

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